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Earphones Price In Pakistan

We aim to give reliable, state-of-the-art, and highly prized products online and always highlight a worthy customer experience by bringing genuineness, guarantee, and worth to one’s doorstep. Wireless Earbuds and wired earphones are available in Pakistan at a very reasonable price, which makes them accessible to everyone. makes it easy for Pakistanis to buy Earbuds online.

We deal in remarkable earphones at the best Bluetooth Earbuds price in Pakistan with express delivery, giving our customers the best shopping experience.

Let’s share the categories of different earphones we have in Pakistan.

Wireless earphones in Pakistan

The wireless collection is in high demand because it is easy to carry anywhere and has the best sound quality. We have the following list of wireless earphones for almost every mobile device:

Redmi Buds 4

This fusion of active noise elimination brings you closer to the music with a dual transparency method that keeps you associated with your environments. These earphones make excellent phone calls without omitting a single word. It has a 10mm dynamic driver unit with a thickness of 0.006mm and an ultra-thin diaphragm. Get the best Bluetooth earphones in Pakistan.

Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro

This has all-new adaptive termination technology that displays the level and type of ambient noise in real-time and inevitably chooses the most suitable noise cancellation method. It comprehends sound and recognizes you even better. Get the best Bluetooth earphones in Pakistan from us.


These earphones are associated with no limits; you can change between the single ear and double ear flawlessly. This is fortified with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which has a data spread speed two times faster than the previous generations as well.

MI Sports Bluetooth Earphones

These Earbuds sort of sweat and have resilient outer shells to increase their strength. Its special silicone covering over the audio cable makes it flat and pleasant to touch. It lets you control the music and make calls straight from the Earbuds and fits securely in your ears. So buy now the best wireless earphones in Pakistan.


It is prepared with a powerful liberated ANC processor, transporting up to 40 dB of hybrid noise cancellation competence. Select between office, daily, and airplane modes and get the best knowledge for every condition. The three microphones work together to distinguish between voice and environmental sounds.


This is a fully enhanced MIUI system that has been intensely augmented with a new style. The dual microphones work together with situational noise reduction technology to successfully lessen nearby noise. It also guarantees high-definition voice recognition and call excellence, even in a noisy environment.

Sound PEATS T3 Wireless Earbuds

This is a simple bang to create your moment of quiet, enjoy peacetime whenever you need it most, or gain knowledge of the true superiority of your preferred albums without breaking. It provides both active noise cancellation and ENC at low ingesting with standardly less than 5mA to comprehend the best combination of dense design and longevity. 

Redmi buds essential

This has anti-identification equipment with a matte surface that is simple and sophisticated. It provides stable broadcast and improved anti-intrusion aptitude with smooth and stable music playback without the annoyance of wires. Buy now your favorite earphones in Pakistan.


It has excessive sound with a combined microphone and smartphone playback switch and is stylishly colored to praise your smartness. The 9mm driver elements deliver influential bass, while the mixture of silicone Earbuds guarantees a secure fit. The included y-type string with cord slider stops tangles on the go.

Skull candy inked wireless earphones

It has a feather load design and low outline fit, and greater by a noise dividing fit, the best sound delivers rich auditory across all types of music. Listen longer and louder with 8 hours of battery timing. Accomplish your classes and music on these Bluetooth speakers with a built-in microphone and remote containing call, track, and volume control.