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Samsung Mobile Earphone In Pakistan

We originated to advance a community concentrated on the class and magnitude of a product. We deliver the latest and every category of Samsung mobile earphones in Pakistan. Android devices and their accessories are becoming more in demand, so we are foremost in giving them the best products.

We want to shape society through by providing the best facilities and dependable, unaffected products that will last a long time. There are still enough products to come, and we can’t wait to show you some of the Samsung earphones in Pakistan disclosures we have in store!

Best Wireless Earbuds and Headphones for Samsung Phones

Nearly every main phone has transitioned missing from the 3.5mm headphone knave, demanding owners to use Bluetooth headphones or a USB-C headphone connector if they want to snoop on music, podcasts, or anything new. We are emphasizing reproductions that are more platform-specific, and we even have a list of Android phones on the way. We are making Samsung earphones price in Pakistan impeccable Bluetooth headphones for your galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy Buds live

These wireless buds are inconspicuous and essentially sit even with your ear without a slight pipe encompassing them. They transport good sound and work well as a receiver for making calls, with good background noise decline so the caller can catch you even when you are in a noisier atmosphere. Its battery life is rated up to 8 hours and also has water-resilient quality and defense against light squishes.

samsung earphones in pakistan

Galaxy Bud Plus

It is meticulous and flat, with bottomless, well-distinct deep tones. Their battery life is valued at 11 hours for music, and they pack double drivers for improved sound and an extra microphone in each sprout to help with outside noise reduction while making calls. They use Bluetooth 5.0 and provision AAC and the Samsung ascendable codec, which is similar to aptX but exclusive to Samsung Galaxy phones. It is splash-proof and water-resistant to IPX4. 

samsung earbuds in pakistan

Mpow X3

The wireless Earbuds sound astonishingly good for their low charge, with good lucidity and influential bass, and they even have energetic noise dissolution that’s fairly operational. It appears to be frequently changing its earphones, and the X3 Earbuds part is of prodigious value. It has a set life of up to 7 hours and is water-resistant IPX7, allowing it to be submerged for 30 minutes up to 1 meter. 

MPOW earbuds

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

It delivers eventual HiFi sound in your ear, with unified connectivity and a relaxed fit. The superior choice for your superior life and wirelessly hearing the sound as it was imagined. This is 24-bit Hi-Fi audio for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, which maintains the same 24-bit high-quality sound. 

Galaxy Buds2 Pro in pakistan

Samsung Level U2 Wireless Headphones

The light 41.5-gram design of the Samsung Level U2 assembles securely at your preferred viewpoint and wraps around your neck and feels relaxed on the ears. With ergonomic ear instructions, you can enjoy snooping more and for longer. The Samsung hands-free price in Pakistan is definitive in terms of ease, whether you are home or out for a run.

Samsung Level U2 Wireless Headphones​

Galaxy Buds+

The Earbuds alter the way you experience sound. Our forever wireless Earbuds feature an AKG 2-mode speaker transporting sound with rich triple and deep-toned sound, an adaptive 3-mic system for sparkler-clear calls, and long-term battery control, all of which contribute to a superior listening experience. With the 2-way lively speaker system and improved driver, AKG’s hands-free price in Pakistan delivers rich, usual sound. The commanding bass and crunchy high notes will have you stirring to the beat wherever you go. 

Galaxy Buds+

Level U Flex

The light 41.5-gram design of the Samsung Level U2 assembles securely at your preferred viewpoint and wraps around your neck and feels relaxed on the ears. With ergonomic ear instructions, you can enjoy snooping more and for longer. The Samsung hands-free price in Pakistan is definitive in terms of ease, whether you are home or out for a run.

Samsung Level Active Wireless Earbuds

This is designed for the active listener and delivers quality sound in a lightweight, stable, and hassle-free package. A variety of ergonomic soft gel ear tips and stabilizing wingtips can be used together with the pre-installed ear hook to keep the headset in place during even the most intense exercise or activity. Samsung hands-free price in Pakistan: the Earbuds are linked by a convenient behind-the-neck cable that includes a built-in remote for controlling music and calls. 

Samsung Level Active Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Earphones with Wires

We provide the best Samsung hands-free price in Pakistan for each type of wired earphone.

Samsung EG20 Line Control Earphone

This is compatible with PCs, laptops, and pads with an in-ear noise reduction design and noise isolation effect; the sound quality is even more impressive. Receiving and answering phone calls through an in-line microphone and answer key. The wired remote volume, 3.5mm three-stage gold-plated plug, used only in most mobile phones, is designed to ensure that the signal transmission process occurs without distortion of sound quality. 

Samsung EG20 Line Control Earphone

Samsung HS330 Integrated Microphone

The HS330 melds comfort, design, and high fidelity into a compact and convenient design while delivering rich, dynamic sound with dual speaker technology. Ultra-light materials and a tangle-resistant cable make it easy to take these Earbuds with you anywhere. Samsung earphones in Pakistan provide you with built-in microphone performance, volume control, and track advance, all within convenient reach and without having to fumble for your phone. 

Samsung HS330 Integrated Microphone

Samsung 3.5mm Earphones

The Samsung 3.5mm earphones, which feature 2-way speakers with a dedicated woofer and tweeter contributing to a smooth sound signature, offer rich audio that comes through clear and balanced. Immerse yourself in musical delight as balanced highs, mids, and lows intertwine in your ear. The hybrid canal-type design inherits the Samsung design identity, and the Samsung earphones prices in Pakistan are made to feel as good as they sound. Each Earbuds is crafted to sit comfortably in your ears; just choose from the included ear tip options to get the right fit.

Samsung 3.5mm Earphones

Samsung Level in ANC Headphones

This compact, elegant design makes it not only portable but also perfectly suited to meet all of your fashion needs. Level in ANC is equipped with handy ear guides that provide you with hearing comfort while exercising, hiking, or just on the move. Samsung earphones in Pakistan have 10mm dynamic 2-way speaker units that combine to deliver high-quality, clear, and balanced sound. 

Samsung Level in ANC Headphones

Samsung Stereo Deep Bass hands free

This is powerful, deep, rich bass with crystal-clear sound quality and excellent noise isolation that effectively blocks ambient noise; you can listen to your music comfortably without hearing fatigue. Samsung earphones prices in Pakistan: stop wasting hard-earned money on flimsy, fragile earphones that cost a lot and stop working in a few months, and buy reliable and genuine earphones from us instead. 

Samsung Stereo Deep Bass hands free

Samsung Galaxy 4G earphone

With soft silicone, ergonomic Earbuds that block outside noise and provide perfect in-ear seals, you get dynamic, crystal-clear sound and deep, powerful bass. This is the noise-cancelling microphone enabler’s trouble-free call reception or undaunted musical extravaganza sessions. These Samsung earphones in Pakistan have an integrated microphone and smart remote for enhanced usability and are optimized for mp3, iPod, iPhone, cd players, portable gaming systems, and all smartphones

5830 4g earphones

Samsung Original EHS64 wired earphones

With one of the most luxurious hands-free online shops, you can enjoy your music and calls with the original Samsung EGS64 hands-free. Its luxurious flex-grip connection protects the cable, making it the ideal headset. For a disturbance-free experience with maximum comfort and super performance, get the Samsung hands-free price in Pakistan at reasonable rates.

Samsung Original EHS64 wired earphones​

D2Q Wired Original Galaxy Earphones

This Samsung earphone in Pakistan is compatible with all Samsung smartphones and all other smartphones. It has a balanced audio sound set pumped through 10mm dynamic drivers that can get loud. Get the sound in and sweat out with IPX-4 water and sweat resistance. Fashionable with a loose freestyle, but made to last through twisting, contorting, and tangling so you can take your style and music with you wherever you go. 

D2Q Wired Original Galaxy Earphones​

Samsung AKG Type-C Hand free

These AKG hands-free prices in Pakistan are compatible with all Android devices and iPhones. The Samsung earphones tuned by AKG provide the incredibly clear, authentic sounds, and balanced output that customers have come to expect. It has 2 pairs of Earbuds, deep and clear sound, heavy bass, built-in volume buttons, built-in receiver buttons, built-in mice, and many more things included. Get the best AKG hands-free price in Pakistan from

Samsung Original IC00 Type- C Earphone

These are secure and comfortable canal-type designs with Type-C interface support and come with ergonomic 3-call or media control buttons for greater control. Samsung’s earphones’ price in Pakistan ensured high-quality audio with stable Earbuds. 

Samsung Original IC00 Type- C Earphone​

Samsung Ultra G HiFi Stereo Digital DAC Earphone

This is magnetic. USB-C Earbuds provide a powerful clip built on the back of each Earbuds, which makes it easier to roll up and avoid any tangles in daily use. Its magnetic coating prevents the USB headphones from sliding off when not in use; just hang them around your neck. Samsung hands-free prices in Pakistan provide metal-plated connectors that greatly reduce the phenomenon of poor contact, are stretch resistant, long-lasting, and have a 1.2-meter length. They also have a built-in powerful DAC chip to maintain the high resolution of your device.

Samsung Ultra G HiFi Stereo Digital DAC Earphone​

Stereo USB C Headphones

This provides undistorted, studio-quality audio. A microphone and a remote on the USB Type C allow you to play, pause, and skip without picking up your phone, and you have easy access to the volume control on the go. It has a built-in chip that reduces the loss in the sound transfer and delivers premium sound with fine-tuned acoustics that balance strong bass, soaring highs, and clear minds. 

Stereo USB C Headphones​

Samsung wireless Headphones

We have a large selection of wireless headphones from Samsung that are stylish in design, unique in quality, and guaranteed to be genuine. Get the best headphone of your choice from the below categories. 

Wireless Level

This is a stylish and foldable design with active noise cancellation for crystal clear audio. 3.5mm wired or Bluetooth wireless connectivity is available. These are designed to maximize listening comfort with ultra-soft ear cushions and a padded headband that work with the lightly tensioned frame for a better experience. 

Wireless Level​

AKG N7000NC Wireless headphone

This AKG hands-free price in Pakistan is optimized for travel and combines first-class adaptive noise cancelling technology with sleek and elegant design accents. They are crafted for exceptional performance throughout the whole noise spectrum. The AKG headphones app allows you to easily control wireless settings. These AKG hands-free prices in Pakistan headphones are fully equipped to transport you first class to a zone where you’re true creative potential can be unleashed. 

AKG Y500 Wireless headphone

This headphone has an award-winning signature sound, high-quality streaming capabilities, and is built for durability with the finest materials. It features a soft touch headband, memory foam ear cups for comfort, and highlights for durability, allowing you to listen to music while remaining aware of your surroundings.

AKG Y500 Wireless headphone​

Choose categories of your own Choice

 We are the best provider in each category, and you can get a discount on exclusive volume if you buy in bulk. Of the everyday gadgets that impact the quality of life, headphones are near or at the top of the list. We run with them on, we take them to bed, we wear them on trains and planes, and some of us even eat, drink, and go to sleep under headphones.
Are you looking for headphones, Earbuds, and hands-frees that let your music out, creating a more natural listening experience? This Galaxy headphone preference is subjective, and we deliver the best quality to your doorstep.


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