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Huawei Charger In Pakistan is the best online mobile accessories shop that delivers high-quality products to clients all over Pakistan. We promise superiority for our products, and every product is enclosed with a guarantee.

Our vision is to grow into the best provider of Huawei chargers in Pakistan and become an important online mobile equipment shop. We are an emerging online electronic store, allocating electronic apparatuses like cables and mobile chargers. All kinds of sets are available. So, ship from us to get the best online service at your doorstep.

Best charger of Huawei in Pakistan

The best charger for Huawei is a supercharge wall charger (maximum 6 W). It has the best quality, widespread compatibility, and an 8-layer security shield. With the next level of fast technology and compressed design, it can be easily supported around the world.

Huawei charger price in Pakistan is reasonable, and it protects your device from high temperatures with excellent proofing (UL94 V-0 shell) and a preserving process. It has worldwide compatibility with a built-in chipset, and it can identify and regulate the output power to best match your mobile device mechanically. 

It comes with a 6A USB-C cable that has a dual-enfolded shielding layer for more consistent data broadcast and is environmentally friendly for safer use.

Why is standard charging icon displayed on phone even it supports fast charging?

There are several details to show this on your phone’s charging, which contains;

  • Reconnect the charger and data cable and try again; if you insert the cable too gently or have not properly allied them, fast charging may not work.
  • It is suggested that you use a regular Huawei charger and data cable.
  • The charger and data cable will be sensed during charging.
  • Huawei Supercharge requires a backup data cable; a current nonstandard data cable may not be recognized, and the impedance of the data cable should meet the supercharge requirements.

So, get the Huawei fast charger in Pakistan according to your mobile requirements, because we never compromise on the quality and authenticity of the products.  


Best Huawei wireless charger in Pakistan

The best Huawei wireless charger is a 15W (max) Quick wireless charger, which is Qi standard, has general compatibility with multi-layer security protection, and is also modestly lightweight and transportable.

Huawei’s charger in Pakistan is breaking the restraints of outdated wired charging and embracing the suitability and grace of wireless charging. It has self-developed 15-watt charge technology that lets you enjoy wired charging speed wirelessly. There is no need to remove your phone cases while charging through it.

It has a secure and contented unibody silicone exterior that both protects and prevents your phone from falling. There is a 40W (max) USB Type-A connector and a 1 m (5 A) USB Type-C cable included. All you want is right inside the box; just open it, plug it in, and let it charge. We offer very reasonable Huawei charger prices in Pakistan. 

How to use wireless charging with P30 or P30 lite?

The Huawei P30 and P30 lite do not come with wireless charging as standard, unlike the P30 Pro, which has this functionality built in. Huawei p30 pro charger price in Pakistan are the best and most affordable option we’ve found for adding wireless charging to your Huawei, and this is especially true with the use of a wireless charging adapter.

Wireless charging adapters

The ultra-thin USB-C wireless charging adapter sockets orthodoxly into your phone’s USB-C port, inserted around the back and sitting between your phone and its case. Through Huawei fast chargers in Pakistan, we deliver the best charging experience within your budget. 

Wireless charging cases

You can also acquire mode-specific cases with wireless charging connectors built in. These cases still attach via your USB-C port, but they do so in a method that looks more artistically appealing. We have a Huawei charger in Pakistan that suits your needs. 

Wireless charging pads

You’ve purchased a Huawei P30 or P30 lite with wireless charging; all you need now is a wireless charging pad to charge using this innovative method. 

There are lots of choices available for Huawei charger prices in Pakistan, but your favorite has to have a tremendously appealing price point. 

Huawei P30 Pro Charger in Pakistan

This supercharger and USB-C cable is an authorized Huawei accessory made from the highest-quality materials and to the strictest standards. This is perfect as a replacement or extra for an existing super-charge charger. Huawei p30 pro charger prices in Pakistan use Huawei supercharging to achieve faster charging speeds than ever before. 


Consuming the built in technology of your Huawei P30 can quickly recharge your device. No more droopiness, just fast charging. The honest Huawei mains charger comes in two distinct parts (the charger and cable), which effortlessly fit together for rapid and expedient charging. 

The Huawei P30 Pro charger price in Pakistan is the charger itself, which makes it highly portable. This is perfect for taking with you on breaks or short trips. When not in use, the dominant pin can be withdrawn, giving the adapter a much slighter profile for suitable storage. 

Original Huawei charger and data cable in Pakistan

We offer Huawei fast chargers in Pakistan that are suitable for all of your mobile needs. This 3-pin charger has a high power output for charging and is a genuine adapter. This is first-quality cable with a flat design that guarantees a tangle-free experience. It is an environmental TPE material with strong flexibility and dirt resistance. It supports 2A fast charging and speedy data transmission.

Why choose Us?

In-line for real-time variations, connecting product sets, manufacturing, and supply shops to deliver Huawei chargers in Pakistan with precise product info, requirements, and types. We make real-time changes to the product routine, directories, and components of the definite product. 

Charge your device Huawei charger price in Pakistan and eliminates the need to be concerned about battery life. The super-portable design and easy-to-plug in rapid charging technology allow you to use your phone while it charges.