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  • The ok mobile holder in Pakistan is made of recyclable Plastic.
  • The color of the ok mobile stand is black color.
  • The Packing of the ok mobile stand is card box and one carton have 500 PCS.
  • The underneath body of than is thicker than the upper body so that mobile phone or tablet can’t fall while using.
  • The Capturing hands have good holding capability so that the phone have stronger grip.
  • The excellent thumbs up design and it can be used while traveling, in office table and at home.
  • The ok mobile stand is long lasting and compact design.
  • The ok stand can be used to hold mobile phone in vertical directions or in horizontal direction.
ok mobile stand

Mobile Pouch Shop have many types of mobile holders and stands in pakistan.But ok stand mobile holder is one of the best products in pakistan for holding mobiles on table.If you want to enjoy the movies or you want to do office work in which you need to work longer time on mobile phone or tablet than its the best one to use .

ok stand for mobile  is an adjustable product that are not commonly available in Pakistan. You can adjust mobile or tablet  in vertical and horizontal direction. Maximum mobile phone and tablets can be adjustable in this stand.The design is made with love and provides maximum safety to mobile phones while using. It also doesn’t cause any problem to mobile phone screen and avoid to damage the touch panel and provides 360 degree fallen safety.

ok mobile stand picture

the ok stand for mobile thumbs upholding design provides maximum grip to mobile phone to maintain standability. The ok mobile stand is universal design you can use any mobile, in other words no restriction of mobile phone models and it can be used for all mobile phone and tablets.

While using an ok mobile stand you can put earphones easily and design is made such a beauty that your earphone jack also safer while using.

The cartoonist design of ok mobile stand upgraded the beauty to the next level.


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